Armed Force

Armoured vehicles
01.Rotary Base Junction (RBJ)/Slip Ring
02.Thermal Electronics Unit
03.Dual Axis Drive system or Current Converters & Amplifiers
04.Day & Night Electronics System
05.Power Drive Control Unit (PDCU)
06.Turret Movement & Fire Joystick
07.Hull/Turret Gyroscope
08.Electrical Distribution Box (EDB)
09.Master Distribution Box (MDB)
10.Engine Temperature Controller (ETC)
11.Fire Control Computer (FCC)
12.Laser Warning System
13.Thermal Sight Unit
14.Tactical Display Unit
15.Visual Sight Unit
16.Turret Motor Rewinding
17.Turret Electronic Control Unit
18.Hydraulic Hose & Cable Harness Replacement
19.Engine & Transmission Repairs
01.Commander Unit
02.Power & Signal Cable Harness
03.Phase Power Supply 230 to 115VAC


KD Handalan
  • DR3000 Electronics Support Measure
KD Perkasa
  • FIN200, a Part of DR3000 Electronics Support Measure
KD Lekir
  • Piller AVR for GenSet System
KD Lekiu
  • Marconi Degaussing System EHT, Inverter Module for Radar
KD Terengganu
  • Reply Processor Board, a Part of Integrator IFF (friend or foe)
KD Jebat
  • Marconi Degaussing System Nautis
  • Flash Memory PCB Card
  • Nautis Controller PCB Card
KD Kedah
  • Reply Processor Board, a Part of Integrator IFF (friend or foe)
  • Rohde & Schwarz XK2100L HF Transceiver
  • VDMC, Manufactured by CAE, Single Board Computer for SCAMS System
  • ESM (Electronic Support Measure)
  • Rolls Royce Propulsion System CPP CANMAN System
  • Water Fog System for Engine Fire Protection System
  • Ammunition & Provision Lift System Allen Bradley Touch Screen
  • NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) System KD Kedah
  • E-HeaterSystem using ABB PLC
  • Modicon Fire Main Pump System
  • Flood Light System
  • Helicopter Refueling System using Siemens S7 PLC
  • Link YPower Supply
  • PC Board Type 8051.003 for TMXEO
  • CPP Propellers Calibration between Throttle & OD Box
  • Provision Cooling System using ABB PLC
  • Starter Box SW Cooling Pump using Telemecanique Modicon PLC
  • Weapon Frequency Converter 115VAC 400Hz
  • Marconi Degaussing System Nautis